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Local and Toll Free phone numbers for individuals and businesses. The best call forwarding solution with virtual phone numbers around the world.



WorldCallForwarding.com offers sophisticated call forwarding capabilities that route calls to exactly where you want them anywhere in the world. This includes calls from your local or toll free number to your mobile, landline, fax, PBX or VoIP number – in any country!

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*** 7/7/16  A few days ago we had to discontinue selling India local numbers due to unilateral decision Indian authorities took by interpreting an old law from 1990s banning call forwarding of India local numbers. We also had to cancel all our currently assigned India local/geographic numbers and notify our customers about this action last week. This problem is affecting all resellers of India local numbers, and our provider, being the largest provider of these numbers from India, is aggressively pursuing a solution. We do not know exactly when this problem will be resolved.

International Phone Numbers – the problem is your customers don’t like calling complicated international telephone numbers with complex country codes.
They just won’t do it. The Solution is World Call Forwarding which offers:

  • Your international customers a recognizable toll free or local telephone number that they trust. 
  • Quickly and easily expand your business reach by activating toll free or local telephone is nearly any country.
  • With telephone numbers available all over the planet, World Call Forwarding provides phone numbers in more places than any other provider. 
  • Your new telephone number acts as a virtual presence for your business with a comfortable number that they trust. 
  • With our exclusive online control center forward all of your incoming calls to any phone number you choose anywhere in the world.

Here’s how it works.  Let’s say for example your business is in New York City and you want to capture customers many miles away in Japan. Using our user friendly interface you simply configure your account to forward all calls from Japan to your phones in New York.  Now look forward to increased business or improved customer satisfaction as you receive more calls from Japan or any of over 90 countries in which you can have toll free or local phone numbers.

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