is a leading provider of local and toll free numbers in the US and over 90 international countries. For more than a decade we have been providing high-quality call forwarding services to thousands of clients around the world, including multinational corporations, international organizations, small businesses, and individuals.

High call quality and innovative service features are our first priority!

With an advanced network structure, 24/7 technical support, innovative products, and over 22 years of experience in the telecom industry, our team of service providers are ready to help you expand your business and provide you with an excellent service experience. is owned and operated by, a leading telecommunications service provider with access to unique global switch-based carriers within the US and Canada.  All pride themselves for  industry reputation serving personal, retail, wholesale, and corporate customers worldwide.

A Full Global Presence provides for its clients call forwarding services in over 150 countries and thousands of cities around the world. We offer one of the largest selections of local and toll free numbers across the globe.

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Maximum Return On Investment

In today s competitive market, many companies are sacrificing call quality in exchange of lower costs and higher profits. At the quality of the calls is the highest priority. And that means that we are constantly updating and improving our network and systems. This is costly, but those costs are never passed along to clients. Instead, all rates are extremely competitive on all of our reliable services, allowing customers to enjoy a much greater return on their telecom investment.

Ahead of the Competition

Our competitors simply cannot match the sophistication found in our state-of-the-art system. We combine multiple tier-one carriers in our services to ensure that callers receive connections quickly and that conversations are crystal clear.

Namada | Global Call Forwarding

About Namada dot com
World Call Forwarding is owned by which offers businesses worldwide toll free numbers not only from the US as many do, but also more than 90 other countries.

Namada dot com is a US based international telecommunications marketing and consulting company that provides phone services around the world at significant discount to what most people currently pay.

Namada is an international company offering unique US and international telecommunications services, US telecommunications, global conference calling, and general telecom sales worldwide.  Established in 1991 and first appearing online in 1994 offers a variety of phone services to customers located in virtually all countries.

Whether it is global conference calling or international call forwarding our clients swear by the quality of our service that has since 1991 been an unrivaled performer in the sector.

Based in New Jersey, the company offers its services to clients both in the US and across the world and has till date proudly served over 30,000 customers.

Our international call forwarding plan allows the users to have their own local toll free number no matter where they are based. Calls to this number can be forwarded to a different country at competitive rates with none of the hassle associated with trying to call long distance.

Businesses also swear by our global conference calling service that allows them to connect as many as 16 different individuals at a time requiring nothing more than internet connection and a web browser. At a time when controlling costs is the mantra for all organizations Namada carrier services provide a golden opportunity towards saving unnecessary overheads without compromising on the quality.

Namada commits itself to providing the best service at competitive prices today continues with which continues to offer a variety of phone services to customers located in virtually every country – constantly improving itself in a quest to offer the best in the industry.

We hope that this website has answered some of the questions that you may have had. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our partner offices span the globe and offer high quality local customer service in many different languages.

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Agency information is readily available. Please feel free to visit if you wish to be considered as a wholesale or retail international marketing agent.