International toll free numbers and global call forwarding combine to provide potential international growth for your business!

No matter what you are selling or what type of service you are providing international toll free numbers using a good international call forwarding provider can increase your sales. By making smart staffing decisions and routing your voice calls to the people best equipped to handle them you will be able to connect with your customers the way they like to communicate – directly, in real time, via phone.

International toll free numbers and global call forwarding combine to deliver phone calls from your international customers directly to you. By choosing the right call forwarding plan, understanding how you are billed for calls, and actively managing and monitoring usage, it becomes possible to take advantage of international call forwarding on a personal or corporate budget.

Phone call forwarding allows you to establish local numbers and forward the calls made to those numbers to a different phone number – either landline or cell phone. When you do you’ll be charged for the forwarded call for each minute used. For example, while the call may have been local to the caller, if the call is forwarded across the country or around the world, toll charges will apply to you and not your customer. Whether you need local or global call forwarding, it’s wise to be well aware of how these services work so that you can better manage your budget and your costs.

You can globalize your business using world call forwarding. But know that you will need international toll free numbers for each country into which you are expanding. For example, if you want to serve Italian, Spanish, and French customers, you’ll need international toll free numbers for each of Italy, Spain, and France respectively. Once you have those numbers, you’ll then use international call forwarding to redirect calls originating in Italy, Spain, and France to your main office, home or even mobile phone.

This involves international call forwarding which routes the dialed call to the phone number of your choice. If you will be handling inquiries directly, you can set up phone call forwarding to your cell phone or office phone. If you have a team of international customer service representatives, you can set up the global call forwarding so that customer service representatives skilled in serving those countries receive the phone calls.

Interesting Options for your new Toll Free Number(s)

When rolling out a toll free number for a business it pays to know the options that are currently available in the market.  Just as phones and their systems have evolved, so too have toll free numbers.

An example of how toll free numbers are better equipped to help your business is how the numbers can be “call forwarded”  Call forwarding, which routes a number to one or more other phones, offers new and compelling abilities. First, customers can now reach the business no matter where the sales team might be located since the toll free number can forward to mobile phones and office phones anywhere – literally worldwide.  This ability to have numbers reach anywhere is accentuated by an ability to use “time of day” and  “day of week” call routing. This means you can set up your new toll free number to ring in New York City from 8AM to 5PM EST, then switch to a San Francisco office and thereafter a number in Asia for overnight!   For larger companies, this simply means the callers have access to live answers 24/7 or whatever times you wish.  In addition or in lieu of call routing by time of day, toll free number owners can have calls routed to office, then mobile, then home if desired.

A Smart Phone number does more than just forward your calls!  It is “Smart” because it can process your incoming calls by either sending/forwarding calls to pre-determined numbers or voice mail. And it can do that at differing times of day and differing days of the week (time of day routing).  It can further forward calls depending on the type of incoming calls (black and white list features)!  Or it can ring simultaneously at up to 10 phone lines (simultaneous ringing feature). And even MORE with most for FREE!   800 numbers are internationally known for being toll free, inspiring confidence in the business offering the number. They also allow people to call a toll free number in their home country and contact someone in a completely different country at no cost to them.

Finally, know that while we have been describing toll free numbers, non-toll free or local numbers are being made available with all the same features and low costs!

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Benefits of Global Call Forwarding Numbers

When you want to set up a virtual or remote office in any corner of the globe you need the help of international call forwarding numbers or a call diverting service that will permit the activation of your very own toll free number or local phone number in any part of the world. Call forwarding has a number of benefits. Several are discussed below.

Expand Your Business and Access New Markets

When you wish to expand your business beyond your domestic borders, access new markets in other countries and even continents it is totally cost effective to take advantage of an international call forwarding system.

If your company is located in the US, but you have a large market in France and want to tap further into that French market, you can own your very own French toll free or local number. All the calls that you receive from your customers/clients will be actually redirected to your US phone (or any other phone you choose, worldwide)

To enjoy this service you do not need to have French employees to receive customer calls nor do you require an office in France. The calls will simply be rerouted or redirected to a number chosen by you. That number can belong to a PBX, VoIP, fax machine, call center, office phone, voice mail, landline or a cell phone.

Local Presence

If you want to win over international clients and customers, having a local access number in that country can be a super successful sales strategy. A local phone presence allows your international customers and clients to easily interact with, ask questions, place orders and buy services/products from you more easily. While competitors who require their customers to dial an international phone number requires their customers to be concerned with cost, and concern about making an international call.  You win!

Free Advanced Features

With Namada-select service providers international call forwarding, you can get free access to advanced features such as account management, select country forwarding, VM and voicemail to email, customized greeting, forward fax, simultaneous ringing, local ringtones, black and white lists, sequential forwarding, advanced PBX/IVR, advanced call forwarding and rollover minutes. more…..

By activating the roll over option, you can roll over your unused minutes to the next billing session and save your talk time for future use instead of wasting them. more…..

Other Benefits of International Call Forwarding Numbers

It doesn’t matter if you are receiving calls from your own neighborhood or from half way across the globe, the quality and clarity of voice calls will always be crystal clear, connections will be hassle free with no unsavory interruptions and you will be able to talk smoothly with your domestic or international customers/clients at affordable rates.

Service providers are reliable with decades of experience. You can get the assurance of fast connections and superior call quality and the toll free/local numbers that are fully customizable.

In most countries you can choose from a toll free number OR a local number and you will be able to receive calls from your clients/customers from any part of the world on this number. You need not be scared of long term commitments. All programs are billed month to month!

Nor do you need to worry about cancellation fees, set up fees or purchase of equipment.  You have the guarantee of fast activation once an account is approved and can choose from thousands of cities and 80 plus countries.

Businesses like US toll free and local phone numbers

A virtual phone number that has a wide array of uses to make your business’s day-to-day functioning smoother and easier. It can also be used to present a more professional image and protect your privacy. Here are 5 things it can do for you.

Present A More Professional Image

Lots of companies get a call forwarding number in order to improve their image. Small companies can choose virtual toll free numbers to make them look more established. Getting an 800 number  for your company really changes the level of professionalism in your customers’ and clients’ eyes. To them, you go from a small local service to a nationwide business.

Conversely, Companies often use Local Numbers For Different Areas

If you’re a nationwide company that wants to present a local image, virtual numbers can work for you too. For example, if you’re a nationwide chain of paint shops that has all of its telephone answering needs handled at one call center, you can really benefit by having a series of local numbers – one in each town which you service. Even if it’s a huge chain, people prefer to think of their painters as local folks. The same goes for any business where you want to present a local image.  Large dental practices, physical therapists, auto supply stores: virtually any practice spread over an area geographically amongst many towns and cities can benefit from virtual local numbers

US Numbers For Overseas Companies

This can be even more essential for companies that are based overseas. You can use a call forwarding number to give you a US number, and this will make American customers more comfortable using your services. Some people might be put off by the idea of doing business with an international. If you operate in many different countries, you can get a virtual number for each. This not only improves your image, but also makes it easier for them to call you.

Non-US Numbers (Toll Free and Local) for US Companies and others

In the same way that numbers in the US can forward overseas to home, office and mobile, so too can toll free and local numbers ring anywhere from more than 90 other countries.  Imagine the expansion of sales, customer service and new business from Europe, Asia, South America and elsewhere for US companies.

Smart Numbers – Call Forwarding Features

Finally, companies that offer virtual numbers also have a wide range of other features. This can be everything from simple standard features like call waiting, blocking and message management to full integration with VoIP, advertising tracking and schedule automation.  This is why we often refer to Namada recommended call forwarding numbers as Smart Numbers!