Businesses like US toll free and local phone numbers

A virtual phone number that has a wide array of uses to make your business’s day-to-day functioning smoother and easier. It can also be used to present a more professional image and protect your privacy. Here are 5 things it can do for you.

Present A More Professional Image

Lots of companies get a call forwarding number in order to improve their image. Small companies can choose virtual toll free numbers to make them look more established. Getting an 800 number  for your company really changes the level of professionalism in your customers’ and clients’ eyes. To them, you go from a small local service to a nationwide business.

Conversely, Companies often use Local Numbers For Different Areas

If you’re a nationwide company that wants to present a local image, virtual numbers can work for you too. For example, if you’re a nationwide chain of paint shops that has all of its telephone answering needs handled at one call center, you can really benefit by having a series of local numbers – one in each town which you service. Even if it’s a huge chain, people prefer to think of their painters as local folks. The same goes for any business where you want to present a local image.  Large dental practices, physical therapists, auto supply stores: virtually any practice spread over an area geographically amongst many towns and cities can benefit from virtual local numbers

US Numbers For Overseas Companies

This can be even more essential for companies that are based overseas. You can use a call forwarding number to give you a US number, and this will make American customers more comfortable using your services. Some people might be put off by the idea of doing business with an international. If you operate in many different countries, you can get a virtual number for each. This not only improves your image, but also makes it easier for them to call you.

Non-US Numbers (Toll Free and Local) for US Companies and others

In the same way that numbers in the US can forward overseas to home, office and mobile, so too can toll free and local numbers ring anywhere from more than 90 other countries.  Imagine the expansion of sales, customer service and new business from Europe, Asia, South America and elsewhere for US companies.

Smart Numbers – Call Forwarding Features

Finally, companies that offer virtual numbers also have a wide range of other features. This can be everything from simple standard features like call waiting, blocking and message management to full integration with VoIP, advertising tracking and schedule automation.  This is why we often refer to Namada recommended call forwarding numbers as Smart Numbers!