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Our parent, Namada.com,  offers entrepreneurial individuals and companies access to unique services in the telecommunications world.  99% of our business is marketing online.

Many people seek ways to earn residual income on the Internet today.  Most that search online for such opportunities are inundated with MLM links (Multi-Level Marketing). Most of these are serous scams with little or no beneficial service or product for customers.  They, instead, simply seek to collect fees from others who signup for the “right” to sell these waste of time and efforts services or products.

If it interests you to learn more about the inaccuracies and exaggerations of MLM, please feel free to visit our blog item entitled “The 10 Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing” – click HERE


That said, residual income is very real.  I know as I have been collecting non-MLM residual income since 1991.  Our agents have been paid millions of earned dollars in the past 15 years since we started our agency program in 1995. One of the keys is finding the right residual income opportunity with which to work.  Please understand that we thrive on residual income

The fact is that residual income is earned by people in the insurance industry, the telecom industry, and virtually all businesses whereby consumers regularly continue to use or purchase services or products.

We welcome experienced online marketing people whether or not they know the phone business. The money is really made driving viewers to websites.

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