Interesting Options for your new Toll Free Number(s)

When rolling out a toll free number for a business it pays to know the options that are currently available in the market.  Just as phones and their systems have evolved, so too have toll free numbers.

An example of how toll free numbers are better equipped to help your business is how the numbers can be “call forwarded”  Call forwarding, which routes a number to one or more other phones, offers new and compelling abilities. First, customers can now reach the business no matter where the sales team might be located since the toll free number can forward to mobile phones and office phones anywhere – literally worldwide.  This ability to have numbers reach anywhere is accentuated by an ability to use “time of day” and  “day of week” call routing. This means you can set up your new toll free number to ring in New York City from 8AM to 5PM EST, then switch to a San Francisco office and thereafter a number in Asia for overnight!   For larger companies, this simply means the callers have access to live answers 24/7 or whatever times you wish.  In addition or in lieu of call routing by time of day, toll free number owners can have calls routed to office, then mobile, then home if desired.

A Smart Phone number does more than just forward your calls!  It is “Smart” because it can process your incoming calls by either sending/forwarding calls to pre-determined numbers or voice mail. And it can do that at differing times of day and differing days of the week (time of day routing).  It can further forward calls depending on the type of incoming calls (black and white list features)!  Or it can ring simultaneously at up to 10 phone lines (simultaneous ringing feature). And even MORE with most for FREE!   800 numbers are internationally known for being toll free, inspiring confidence in the business offering the number. They also allow people to call a toll free number in their home country and contact someone in a completely different country at no cost to them.

Finally, know that while we have been describing toll free numbers, non-toll free or local numbers are being made available with all the same features and low costs!