provides international toll-free and local phone numbers in more than 90 countries and 8000 cities. Our phone numbers come with international call forwarding and smart features such as a hosted PBX with unlimited extensions, Voice Mail to Email, Fax to Email, time/day call routing, sequential ringing, simultaneous ringing to as many as 10 lines. 

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Phone call forwarding allows you to establish local numbers and forward the calls made to those numbers to a different phone number – either landline or cell phone. When you do you’ll be charged for the forwarded call for each minute used. For example, while the call may have been local to the caller, if the call is forwarded across the country or around the world, toll charges will apply to you and not your customer. Whether you need local or global call forwarding, it’s wise to be well aware of how these services work so that you can better manage your budget and your costs.

You can globalize your business using world call forwarding. But know that you will need international toll free numbers for each country into which you are expanding. For example, if you want to serve Italian, Spanish, and French customers, you’ll need international toll free numbers for each of Italy, Spain, and France respectively. Once you have those numbers, you’ll then use international call forwarding to redirect calls originating in Italy, Spain, and France to your main office, home or even mobile phone.

This involves international call forwarding which routes the dialed call to the phone number of your choice. If you will be handling inquiries directly, you can set up phone call forwarding to your cell phone or office phone. If you have a team of international customer service representatives, you can set up the global call forwarding so that customer service representatives skilled in serving those countries receive the phone calls.